Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tshirt Test

I just got a shipment in over the weekend of 5 shirts..

One for me ( natch ), one for the wife, one for the nugget, and 2 for my first 2 followers, and suppliers of inspiration, booze, and smokers. (thx pence and JDub), although I wasn't sure if Pence was going to get one, since his first comment was "Todd.. WHY are you making tshirts? WHAT are you selling? WHAT is wrong with you? "  I don't think he understands that the PCP brand is what I'm selling.. and based on the $6.57 in ad revenue I made so far... that I'm laughing all the way to the bank....

Out of all those ungrateful bastards, the only one I could get to stand still and take a picture was my little nugget.. daddy's girl comes through when everyone else failed me.

So here they are...

I've found a new tshirt maker, and will be sending a few more freebies out to some very key people who have inspired me to waste my money and time on this blog and hobby.

If any of you know a place where I can get some tshirts, hats, thongs, codpieces ( for One-Eyed Bobby ), at a fair price.. please let me know.


  1. Have you tried Cafe Press, Todd?

  2. Jennifer:

    Yes, My first tshirt order ( and thong for the wife ) was from Cafe Press ( I'm not sure why, but I think the tshirt was a bigger hit :-)

    I'm now using vistaprint.com, as they're about 50-60% less expensive than Cafepress.