Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lonzino Da Diavalo- tasting Notes

So my Lonzino Da Diavalo is finally finished!!!

I pulled it out of the curing fridge, after approximately 5 weeks and it looks and smells great.

I cut it very thinly and served it on a charcuterie platter as usual.. and it's pretty darn good.  It's lost about 30% of the weight, judging how loose the twine around it is.. and the casing took on a pretty good amount of powdery white mold, which has imparted a nice "salame" type flavor.

It's not as "Diavalo" as I had hoped... I think that rinsing off the spices cut down on the heat, so next time I'll reapply the hot powder to the lonzino before stuffing into the casing.

This lonzino also tastes more 'salume' ish.. than the last one.. It even looks more like a coppa than a Lonzino... I'm wondering if I'm not  keeping track of them well enough.. I need to buy some hang tags!!

Anyway.. whatever it is, check this baby out... I'll call this one a Win!!


  1. Yes, Todd. Looks more like Coppa than Lonzino. Get yourself a cheap, electric slicer...........makes all the difference. I got mine at amazon for $80, doesn't take up much space.

  2. Looks yummy Todd. I can't wait until I get my curing fridge. Cheers!