Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tails and Trotters Coppa- From Cure to the Curing Chamber

Welcome back to our Tails and Trotters Coppa!!

When we last left you .. Our coppa had been rubbed down with the cure and been sitting for 13 days.

I drained the brine ( about 1/2-3/4cup ) and then used the remaining dry rub to coat the coppa once again.

Back into the manfridge for another 10 days and look what we have here, brimming with beautiful red and orange colors!

A good rinse and we're ready to get that bad boy into some casing  

I have a stock of 105mm collagen casing, but when I looked at this monster after rinsing, didn't think there was a chance in hell I'd be able to squeeze it in.  I was thinking of splitting it longways and using 2 smaller ( 60mm ) casings.  This is one big piece of meat ( that's what she said )

Well.. I guess i'm really good at squeezing big pieces of meat into little tubes ( don't touch that one JDub ).. but 20 sweaty slippery minutes later, I had that bad boy stuffed into a casing and trussed up like a bondage queen.

I"m giong to have to work on my knot tying.. but for now, it's doing the job.

Now it's into the curing chamber... approx 56F, with a residual humidity of ~70% for 4-6 weeks until we have a weight loss of about 30-35%.

Stay tuned.. this one should be freaking awesome.   At least, i'm hoping so, or my new pork slinger, Tails and Trotters may drop me as a customer.

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