Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PCP Logo.. You've been waiting for it, now it's here!!

Ok.. I'm a dork, but with all the great blogs I've been reading, I've realized that I can't find true Charcuterie Happiness without having my own Logo ( which I will now plaster on all sorts of merchandise you can buy, starting with tshirts ).

Observe and be amazed.
Oh.. by the way, this logo is copywritten 2010, for exclusive use by the Portland Charcuterie Project.  It may not be copied, distributed, or altered in any way ( palmer ) without my express permission.

I'm looking at tshirt designs now and should have a link where you can buy one if you'd like, up within a week or so.  Regardless of whether you like my blog.. there's something cool about a pig riding a bike with one of his legs cured and turned into proscuitto in the basket. ( or maybe it's just me ).


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