Friday, March 26, 2010

Lamb Proscuitto - update from the "curing chamber" - Week 3( plus lonzino, bacon, and tshirts )

So we're ending week three of our 4-6 week first attempt to create Lamb Proscuitto.

I originally hung my two LP's ( Lamb Proscuittos ) in my "curing chamber" which is a dorm size fridge with temp controlled by a petsmart reptile cage temp control, and humidity kept close to 70% RH with a supersaturated salt solution in a tupperwear pan at the bottom.

As we discussed in my previous post, the first leg began showing spots of white fuzzy (not quite furry ) mold and the surface became sort of "tacky" .. not sticky, but a little bit "gooey". 

Jason at the Cured Meats Blog thought that it was just proteins coming to the surface of the meat, as a normal component of the meat shedding water, but I didn't have a good feeling about it and didn't want to throw $50 bucks out the window on my first LP, so I gave it a mild vinegar rubdown per Jason's instructions and then hung all my meat ( insert drum beat ) in the man cave.. which averages 62 degrees or so, with about 60-80% RH, depending on the weather outside ( and it's pouring.. )

Both legs are firming up great, as is my new Lonzino Da Diavalo.   I estimate my leg will be ready in 2-3 weeks, with Paul H's leg ready 2 weeks or 3 behind mine.

The lonzino is looking great, although it developed white and green mold spots while in the fridge, er curing chamber.  Since I washed it and hung it next to the LP's, it hasn't seen any more furry mold of any color, and has started developing that magical white mold that all great Salume develop.

Stay tuned.. we're getting closer to tasting.

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet Morgan Brownlow of Tails and Trotters at the Portland Farmers Market for a hazelnut finished coppa.  I'll be making (hopefully) a freaking awesome Capicolla from it.    If that coppa tastes anything like the pork hangar steak (who even knew pigs have a hangar steak .. see pic below) he sold me last week, I'll be in pig heaven.

I make bacon pretty often, and it's ridiculously good ( not my words.. check out the best wine blog ever Sip With Me ).  Special thanks to John Pence for teaching me the basic recipe over a year ago.. and special kudos to JDub, for "loaning" me his smoker for the last year :)

I'm finally going to get off my butt and order some tshirts this weekend.  Since I just want to test the concept, I'm going to order them from, and they're a bit expensive at $25 each, so I won't be handing them out like pickles.  I will however, give a few to those people who have inspired me and supported my efforts to improve the world ( and SE 20th ave ) through a little charcuterie.
If the tshirts prove popular, I'll find a local producer or some kind of pass through storefront to sell them on here.. when and if that happens, feel free to buy them, knowing your purchase will support me and my love of pork products and alcohol. ( oh, and my little girl )

Cheers... have a great weekend!!


  1. When will I be able to order a codpiece emblazoned with the PCP logo? For Halloween I'm dressing up as the dude from Cameo and I need this to complete my costume...

    One Eyed Bobby

  2. For you, One Eyed Bobby.. I'll have it special ordered for you, along with Amy's PCP thong.

  3. Thanks for the sweet plug - and yes, I'm sold on home cured bacon (Todd's meat's the best!), but I think I need some more :)