Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven of Hearts Pinot Salt Spicy Salami

Howdy All:

It's been quite some time since I posted, and even longer since I made some salami.

I've had lots of changes in my personal life over the past 6 months, but am happy to report that things are looking great and I'm happy once again, and excited for the future.

This is a simple salami with my "standard" salami formula, updated with a Pinot Noir infused salt given to me by my friend Byron Dooley of Seven of Hearts Wine.

3lbs carlton farms ground pork
2tbsp -Seven of Hearts Pinot Noir Infused Salt
1tsp Long term cure
1cup spanish tempranillo
2tbsp Dextrose
4tbsp crushed red pepper flakes
1tbsp smoked spicy spanish paprika
1tsp black pepper

Mix it up, put in the stuffer, and crank out 8 beautiful salamis.

After stuffing, squeezing, and tying off, I put them in the ghetto fermenter for 3 days at about 80F where they fermented nicely, then out to the Man Cave to hang for 3 weeks or so.   Just for giggles, I put a salami skin from Chop Charcuterie that had some good white mold on top of the salami while fermenting and 3-4 days later they're all getting a nice coat of white mold.

Also note in the pic that one of the shoulders I cured with trotter attached is looking really good and will be given to my neighbor MaryEllen as a gift this summer.  I think that a hang time of 6-7 months would be more than enough for what amounts to an 8lb hunk of meat.

Stay tuned for the next post coming soon.  I'll be doing a boar leg proscuitto that I'm getting for a local buying club I was turned on to by a reader of this blog ( looking forward to meeting you Aaron)

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