Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First One Year Proscuitto-Tasting Notes

It was finally time to cut the first of two Tails and Trotters proscuitto ( proscuitti? ) I made last year.  They've been hanging in the "curing chamber" ( aka ManCave ) for over one year and the natives were getting restless. 

So, we scheduled a party, invited a few friends, and got down to tasting some proscuitto.

I have to tell you that my own personal feeling is that while it tastes fantastic, I think the other one that is going to hang for two years will be even better. 

 Of course.. can't have Proscuitto without wine.. and since it was such a nice day, we decided to drink some white along with the reds.. I highly recommend Helioterra 2011 Pinot Blanc, made by my friend Anne Hubatch. ( with some slight assistance from me helping to sort grapes, bottle, lift cases, and clean fermenters :))

Here's another shot.. beautiful

LOVE this pic.. thank you Josh!

What a beautiful photo, taken by a brilliant local Portland photographer and friend, Josh Chang(link to his website is coming -contact him at @pdxploration on twitter for fantastic food/wine/people photography  :)

Here's a great pic of my Kimchi Chorizo Salami, influenced by my food blog god Peter Barrett

Obviously, Holding my meat makes me happy!

Just to confirm that I don't just sit around and make and eat charcuterie all day, here's a pic of me at the finish line of the Luxembourg Night Run.. I ran the half marathon when I was in Europe for work last month.. it was great fun, and I had my best time ever.  Cold have been faster, but I stopped for a beer and sausage at mile 9 with a guy running in a chicken suit ( how could I not?)

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