Friday, May 11, 2012

Pork, Salt, Love

After running another Half Marathon, Amy and I decided to visit our friends Ann Hubatch and Vincent Fritzche, who were having an open house showcasing their 2010 wines.

After a great tasting and catching up with friends, we stopped at Olympic Provisions newish NW restaurant for brunch.

Among other things, Amy had the Saucisson D'Arles. This is just a simple salami consisting of Pork and Salt.    She was so smitten with it that she made her first ever "salami request" to me and asked if I could make it.   I knew that this would be a tough one, since there wouldn't be any spices to mask any mistakes. 

Since this one is for my Wife, I'm going to call it Pork, Salt, and Love  ( you all want me to put my "love" in this, don't you?)

Here's the recipe

3lbs Tails and Trotters ground pork
2tbsp kosher salt
1tsp Instacure#1 (long term curing salt )
3/4tbsp dextrose
2tbsp whey
A whole lotta love :)

Here's the Nugget, helping me stuff the salami into natural hog middles.

Here's a nice shot of them stuffed and tied.
A pic of them tied up and ready to go into the "ghetto fermenter" for 2 1/2 -3 days( not in oven this time.. on our dining room table at a temp of about 73degrees-- I wanted to try more refined and slower fermentation )
Finally.. Here's a pic of my last project.  Kimchi Spicy Salami, which is my new go to Fermentation tool, inspiration provided to me by food blogger Peter  .  FYI.. This recipe is the first time I'm using Whey to facilitate fermentation and he gets credit for that as well, my Meat Pilates Guru!
The Saucisson D'Arles have been hanging for about 1 week now ( I'm a lazy blogger, I know ), and they're already firming up well.  By the time I get back on Memorial Day from my latest work boondoggle to Europe, they should be ready to taste test with the Wife.

Stay Tuned.


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