Friday, April 1, 2011

Lamb/Pork Salami- Zattar and Berbere

Here's the recipe

3lb's Anderson farms ground Lamb, and 2lbs  Carlton Farms ground pork ( Great fat/meat ratio)

40 grams Kosher Salt

5 grams cure #2

17 grams Bacto Ferm F-RM-52

1/3 cup water

25 grams dextrose

4 oz red wine ( mosen cleto.. grenache/tempranillo blend )

25 grams cayenne pepper

10 grams bactoferm Mold 600 culture (to be sprayed on salami for development of white mold"fiore")

I then used 80 grams each of green Zattar Spice for half the mixture and 80 grams of Berbere spice for the other half ( stuffed separately)

Here it all is.. ready to be mixed together. I decided that grinding pork at home is a pain in the butt and if my buddy Morgan at T&T is willing to do it for me, why not?

Next up, take the bactoferm and water (with a pinch of dextrose ) mix together and wake them up and put aside. ( do the same with the Mold culture)

I froze the mixing bowl the night before and then threw the meat in the freezer for an hour to keep everything cold and keep emulsification to a minimum ( same with the metal parts of the sausage stuffer ).

Mix everything together by hand, saving the bactoferm culture for the last part ( I put the meat back in the freezer for about 30 mins while doing my prep, then pulled it out and added the bactoferm and mixed well.


After tying off, it's into my ghetto fermenter ( aka- tupperware container in my oven, with the door cracked, light on, and covered by a towel ) at around 85 degrees F for 3 days. After that, it's off to the "curing chamber" Aka Mancave, now Home Office to hang for about 4-6 weeks or until they've lost about 30% of their weight

 If you look closely you can see the greenish tint to the Zattar Salami, and the reddish tint of the Berbere Salami.

Stay tuned.. they've been hanging for about a week now and look ( and smell) great.. I think I"ll be able to cut one of the "chubs" next weekned to test.


  1. I'm concerned that you're only using 1.7% salt. Thats well below safe territory. Where are you getting these numbers?

  2. Jason: I took the ratio straight out of ruhlman's book and adapted it to my recipe, and haven't a problem yet. That being said, what do you think I should be using? Better safe than sorry

  3. Salame should be using a good 3-3.5% minimum. Are you sure you did the numbers right? 1.7% really seems really really low... I'll take a look later.

    Everything i've read/seen says salame needs a minimum of 3% or even 3.5% for safety.

  4. You're right. Ruhlman's soppressata calls for 1.7% salt.
    That seems well below the safety limit for dry cured stuff, from every other book i've read.

  5. well.. let's see how this lamb/pork salume turns out.. I"ll test it on myself when I'm back in town friday night.. It's feeling great and sure smells great.

    FYI.. I made 5lb's of spicy saucisson sec yesterday using ruhlmans recipe.. upped the salt to almost 4%, no bacto fermentation.

    One q for you jason: how are you stuffing your sausage? my grinder/stuffer is really smearing the hell out of my paste (even when the paste and the metal parts are frozen).. I think I'm going to buy one of those cylindrical stuffers.. plus, I'm losing about 1/4lb to waste each time, with paste stuck in the grinder/stuffer section.

  6. What type of stuffer are you using, Todd? If you're using KA stuffer, you won't be for much longer. Jason is correct about the salt numbers. I've only read 3% or better.

  7. @ scott .. if you look in the pics above you can see the stuffer I use. .it's not a KA attachment, but a standalone grinder/stuffer I bought on

    It does a good job grinding, but it's smearing the hell out of my paste when I stuff.

    I'm heading to butcherpacker this weekend to order a cylindrical stuffer.. and I think I'll stop by your online store as well as I'd like to try some of that hot pepper powder and fennel pollen.

  8. Northern tool has a nice stand alone cylindrical stuffer. I believe Jason @ cured meats is using the same one. The ones at Butcher-Packer look really nice, but a bit more spendy. If you have a place of business to deliver to it makes the shipping form Northern Tool cheap.

  9. Thanks @thais.. I'm not sure who you are, but I sure appreciate the tip.

  10. looks like it's northern tool. Kitchener 5lb sausage stuffer is 99.95... at butcherpacker, the omcan 5lb stuffer is 129. That's 10 more lb's of sausage I can make.

  11. Todd, did you buy the stuffer yet? I bought mine at grizzly for $70, if I remember correctly. Those combo grinder/stuffers are exactly like the KA attachment. There is the small plastic stopper in the tube that destroys the fat.

  12. @scott.. planning on ordering this weekend if I remember.. I'll check out grizzly to see if I can get a better deal.

    thanks again.

  13. A bit off topic here,

    Do you know of a good source for hog bladders? I live in New Mexico and I cannot find a source. Good to hear the Zaatar worked well. I had considered making a sausage with that spice blend as well.

  14. If you were going to get a cut of lamb to grind yourself for something like this, what cut would have an appropriate amount of fat to use? Thanks!

  15. Hi Jaymo.. you know, I have no idea... you're not going to get the fat from the lamb regardless of the cut of meat ( that's what the pork is for, and I suggest just asking your butcher for ground pork that has a good amount of fat in it, or for him/her to grind up some belly to add to it ).

    Good luck.. this is a good salami, and since I"m down to one left, I'll be making it again soon.