Monday, April 11, 2011

Lamb/Pork Salami Tasting Notes

Here are the finished Lamb/Pork Salami.    The reddish one on the left is the Berbere spiced and the greenish on the right is the Zattar.

They are both well made, dried to about 40% weight loss ( we like our salami drier ), and with a very light mold on them.

The Berbere has a VERY strong spice taste.. and I like that, but it's obscured the taste of the meat, so next time I'll use less.

The Zattar tastes wonderful.. exotic lamby-porky goodness, with a hint of the desert and mint tea.

These went very well with a Paulaner HefeWeizen on a rare sunny April day in Portland this past weekend.



I vacuum sealed them and threw them in my keg fridge to keep them from drying anymore.. hoping that they'll be fine ( I do that with my lonzino and coppa and it hasn't hurt them yet.

The salt % was under 2% on this batch.. but from now on, I"m kicking it up to 3.5% to be on the safe side.  I just finished another pork soppressata last week and we'll see how that turns out.


  1. Look very nice and glad to hear about the salt. No sense messing around. 3-3.5 should do well and wont be too salty.

  2. 3.2-3.5% salt is just right........and safe

  3. Thanks for your recent common on my Limoncello post. I am in awe of all the charcuterie going on the blogs these days. Pretty cool stuff.

    I am going to be coming out to OR to travel through some of wine country, but what beers should I be looking out for? I am hoping to visit Rogue, but don't know much else from the area.


  4. Todd, a little side note, you need to get yourself a proper glass for that hefe-weizen. ;)