Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tails & Trotters Lardo - Into the Curing Chamber ( and the pup)

Back from Sunriver feeling very refreshed and ready to jump back into work and making the world a little better one piece of meat at a time.

The lardo served it's time in the cure ( not unlike the time I served in the Corps, Marine Corps that is :))  and is ready for a good soak to bring down the salt level.

After the soak it's looking good.

This is my second T&T lardo ( the first one being almost ready to eat ), and I decided that I wanted to really spice it up, so I took a quick stroll out in my garden ( and Pence's yard ) to find some suitable herbs.  As you can see, I found some beautiful thyme ( with flowers.. love it ), fennel fronds, and rosemary.

I gave this all a very good chop and mixed them up and crusted the lardo with them, really pushing the herbs into the lardo.  As you can see, this is really going to impart an herbal flavor to the dish.

So, off into the curing chamber for 3-6 months.. I'm thinking paper thin slices of lardo on warm Grand Central baguette this Thanksgiving.... mmm.. cured backfat!!

ps.. that damn dog has tripled her size in 3 weeks!!!

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