Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Meat is coming home to roost- finished basturma and T&T Coppa

so here it is.. what started as a 6.85lb hunk of beautifultails and trotters coppa is now a 5lb hunk of beautiful man meat!!   This is spicy cured goodness, and I'm looking forward to cutting into it.
I've also attached a pic of a basturma that I started a little after the Coppa.  Nothing special here, just a nice 3lb hunk of eye of round, cured and ready to eat.
Since I have a lardo ready to go as well, I think I'm going to be hosting a "tasting party" at my house in the near future, and will be inviting local wine and charcuterie fans to come over and eat my meat ( and pickles ).

Stay tuned... this is going to be good.


  1. Looks great! I was looking for an email or other contact info on your site to invite you to be on Savor Portland... can you send me your contact info, please? You can email me at devlyn at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  2. hi minnie/devlyn.. just email me at

  3. Awesome Todd. They look great! I have been super busy lately but I still want to come down and do a beer and meat tasting and hit up Morgan @ tails.

  4. Thanks Josiah... I'm going to be announcing a "tasting/drinking" party that I'll host sometime in early sept.

    This will be a chance for all my new friends to taste my stuff, as well as a chance for them ( and you ) to bring your own specialties for everyone to share.

    Charcuterie, pickles, BBQ, beer, wine , alcohol.... It's all welcome

    I'm just trying to think of a good name for it.

  5. Hmmm tasting party....I'll cook some Hawaiian food, bring a wine, and take pictures. Let me know and I'll be sure to take that day off.