Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Sausage with Pence & another pic of our new puppy

I bought a sausage maker from Northern Tool ( approx $100 plus shipping )

I'm going to use it to make fresh sausage and Salume, but haven't gotten around to making anything yet.

My buddy John Pants ( pence ) called and asked to borrow it for a dinner he was doing at caprialandjohnskitchen .   I brought the tool over, and we proceeded to make some fennel/spice sausage (well, he made it and I drank beer and took pictures )

Not much to say: The Metal parts were frozen for a few hours, John ground the meat, seasoned it, mixed it, then extruded it into beautiful sausage.

peaking of beautiful sausage.. check out our new puppy....


  1. I have the same grinder but I got the stuffer from them too. Best money spent on a kitchen tool in a long time. DAmn you with those puppy pictures again. If my wife sees them she will want one. Very cute.

  2. I realized after watching pence make sausage, that I need to buy the sausage stuffer.

    You know.. Rainy's sister and one brother are still available. They're in Salem, and I can get you the phone number.

  3. Damn that dog is fugly.

    My tourney got cancelled so if you are serious about this weekend shoot me an email.

  4. Not squeamish about many things, but boy do meat grinders give me the willies. These sausage grinders on the hand look like lots of fun!! I think you were just looking for an excuse to handle other wieners. And congrats on the new pup - don't think there's anything more adorable. Thanks, now I'm craving wet puppy kisses!! :)